• Printing chemicals

      Printing chemicals

      It is used for offset printing, rotary printing, cold-set printing of newspapers, commercial thermoset offset printing, semi-commercial rotary offset printing, and safe printing of bills. Printing fountain solution has no IPA printing. The fountain solution contains a drying accelerator. Soft and Hard Water Regulator, Antiseptic and Antifoaming Agent, Cleaning Agent, Filtration Bag, Filtration Mandrel, Ink Quick-drying Agent, pH Stabilizer for Solution Recycling of Plate Moistening System. Some products conform to the FOGRA standards.

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    • Water-borne light oil

      Water-borne light oil

      Water-based polymer dispersion, different gloss selection and special coating effect, performance can adjust viscosity, gloss, drying speed, wear resistance and leveling. Water varnish, water mute oil. All kinds of functional water based varnish are provided according to different requirements.

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    • Printing powder

      Printing powder

      Natural corn starch is encapsulated by microencapsulation technology to improve the fluidity. It can be classified according to the size of 15-50 micron powder particles. It is suitable for different printing requirements and has two different properties: hydrophilic and lipophilic.

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    • Silicone lubricating emulsion

      Silicone lubricating emulsion

      The mixture of silicone and wax emulsion and wetting agent provides gloss for paper in thermo - solid commercial rotary printing process, increases adhesion of ink, increases the wear-resistance of ink and the antistatic effect of paper.

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    • Printed chemicals

      Printed chemicals

      Acid detergent and alkaline detergent, suitable for CTP, PS plate, clean UV, HUV, LED UV ink, anti-sensitization, anti-scratch, cleaning and protection at the same time. Plate protection glue, baking liquid.

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    • Printing cleaner

      Printing cleaner

      Flat rubber offset and rotary offset rubber plaster and ink roller cleaning fluid. Suitable for UV, HUV, LED UV printing ink cleaning, water-based ink cleaning agent, some products through the FOGRA Association standards.

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    • Ink roll maintenance

      Ink roll maintenance

      Ink roll buildup paste, color conversion paste, idling paste, ink roll deep cleaning paste, water roll cleaner, calcium removal agent, printing machine all-around cleaning fluid, rubber tape and ink roll cleaning reducing agent, water-based varnish roll cleaning agent, parts cleaning fluid

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    • Others


      All kinds of special functional products solve some unusual problems.

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